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Scenery and animations for 3 fragrances of 'EAUX DE L'EST' (Liquidesimaginaires) - The video above is a short edit. Independant clips were released with each perfume: 1. FLEUR DE SABLE (SAND FLOWER), 2. TAPIS VOLANT (FLYING CARPET) 3. BUVEUR DE VENT (WIND DRINKER) - The designs were also adapted to a variety of print media and displays.


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Event joining french pastry chefs and japanese students of Vantan School. For decoration some elements of the video were printed in lifesize, for example the 'éclair' (= Christophe Adam) or the 'tarte citron' (= Michalak) ... - 0min40 (project 2012 for resodesign)


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All exterior scenery was made from fabric and got upcycled to cushions after shooting, No animals harmed, duck sounds from genius 'René Auer' by the way. Upcycling is a great thing... Thinking twice (and more!) before buying new stuff is even better.


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The CHAVANEL is a very conveniently located boutique hotel in the heart of Paris... (Extract from one of CHAVANELs image films)


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Teaser for innovative perfume concept "Eaux Bouillantes" - 0min30 (2012 for Resodesign)

Nature et Beauté

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Animated decor for "Nature et Beauté" exhibition TOKYO, project at Resodesign for VANTAN '07

Majestic 60

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Jingle for displays on 'Plage du Majestic' at Cannes in 2007 (by heuduck at resodesign)


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Stop motion for a GAMBS shop in Paris (animation by heuduck at resodesign)


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VERTIGO - TEASER thumb video
PURPROJECT - INTRO thumb video
MAGESTIC 62 - JINGLE thumb video

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