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"(...) It is said that I have no smell but my energy has made the world go round and heads spin since ancient times. I can make you sink or swim. I am LIQUIDE silver." - Limited edition of 925 numbered units from french perfume brand LIQUIDESIMAGINAIRES


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PHÉNOMÈNO is the protagonist from a fantastic world conceived by Philippe Di Méo. With this first trailer some of the mystery splashes in our real world. Let's see what he will reveal for us in the futur. To be continued... 'Leave the known to explore the unknown'


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The CHAVANEL is a boutique hotel in the heart of Paris, near Madeleine. This film is a shopping walk in the hotels surroundings. There are 3 more seasonal films to discover: "Pour chuchoter l'été ...", "CHAVANEL 4**** Paris", "Les fêtes de fin d'année ...".


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Clip introducing the "W", a new stove design (by Wilmotte) for the french maker LA CORNUE - 2min00 (2012 for resodesign)


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Pastry Chef Christophe Adam (Éclair de Génie) preparing a french dessert, the "Baba Rhum" - 4min20 (2012)


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Follow the process of creating an exclusive metal shell by hand for a fragrance from Philippe Di Méo's collection. Filmed at Atelier Orfèvre Meurgey (Goldsmith) Paris


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Extracts from several product photo/film projects for different brands (0min52, no audio)
MOËT & CHANDON "Nectar on Ice" and "Cristalized II" (champagne)
GLENFIDDICH "Steeler" (wiskey)
REMY MARTIN "Remy Chill" (cognac)


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"There's always that moment when our mind tells us we should not go forward ..." - watch the trailer for the project "THE FALLBACK" (c)2012

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